Contraceptive Conundrum

Symposium Recordings

These recorded presentations are from the International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine’s August 2015 conference at Georgetown University, the Contraceptive Conundrum Symposium. Purchasing options are listed below!

Birth Control, Big Money and Bad Medicine: A Deadly Trifecta
for Women’s Health by Chandler Marrs, MA, MS, PhD, CEO

Evidence for Effects of Hormonal Contraception on Partner Choice and
Relationship Satisfaction by S. Craig Roberts, PhD

The Pill Problem: Nutritional Issues by Ross Pelton, RPh, PhD, CNN

Questions and Answers by Roberts and Pelton

Neuroscience of Libido: Lessons Learned from Oral
Contraceptive Use by Melissa Farmer, PhD

Getting Pregnant While on Oral Contraceptives: Likelihood of
Adverse Effects on Fetuses by Frederick S. vom Saal, PhD

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Contraceptive Conundrum
Contraceptive Conundrum
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