Conferences & Sponsored Conferences

The International Institute for RRM is involved in several conferences a year. Conferences that are organized by the IIRRM itself are found in the category of Sponsored Conferences. This includes the Annual General Meeting & Scientific Forum as well as regional conferences held throughout the world. Sponsored conference are made available via webinar and to in-person attendees.

Endorsed Conferences

The IIRRM will also endorse conferences that meet its criteria for scientific validity. These conferences must be scientific conferences with the presentation of research conducted in accordance with the principles of Restorative Reproductive Medicine.


We are happy to provide online Webinars on a variety of RRM topics. We also provide live and recorded webinar conference attendance for our Sponsored Conferences.  The  WeLearnRRM System allows members to select from live or recorded webinars and complete a relevant educational module related to the topic covered.

WeLearnRRM Online Learning 


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