Webinar Recordings

Grand Rounds

October 2017 | What’s the big Deal? Vitamin D and Reproduction by Dr. Anne Marie Jukic

September 2017 | Reversal of Essure Sterilizations or Their Removal by Dr. William Greene

August 2017 | Endometriosis in Adolescents by Dr. Patrick Yeung

June 2017 | Disrupting the Psychological Impact of the Infertility Journey: Research Findings from Doubt to Struggle to Surrender to Unexpected Pregnancy by Dr. Kate Webster and Marc Sherman, Organic Conceptions

May 2017 | The Brain-Science of Behavior in Pornography Use and Recovery by Bruce and Jeannie Hannemann

April 2017 | Update on Letrozole Use in Ovulation Induction by Maria Bizecki, BSP, ACPR, CFCP, CFC Pharmacist

March 2017 | PCOS and Sleep Disorders: Tools for Screening and Care by Drs. Tracey Parnell and Lynn Keenan

February 2017 | Why NFP? A testimony from a donor-conceived person by Katy Doran

December 2016 | Perimenopausal Treatments by Dr. Jean Golden-Tevald

October 2016 | Role of Ovarian Wedge Resection and Treatment of Hydrosalpinx by Dr. Kyle Beiter

September 2016 | Hormone and Mucus Dynamics during the Postpartum Period by Dr. Thomas Bouchard

June 2016 | Medical Applications of Sensiplan by Dr. Petra Frank-Herrmann

May 2016 | Safe-Sex Belief and Sexual Initiation: Project YOURLIFE by Dr. Jokin de Irala

April 2016 | Nutrition Update for Conception and Pregnancy by Dr. Mary Davenport

March 2016 | iNEST: Current Status and New Directions by Dr. Joseph Stanford

March 2015 | Eavesdropping on the Ovary: Non-invasive Sensing of Biological Function by Dr. Len Blackwell

February 2015 | Point-of-Care Family Planning Devices by Dr. Bill Taylor

December 2014 | Alternatives to IVF by Dr. Phil Boyle

October 2014 | Restorative Reproductive Medicine During this Era of Healthcare Reform: Opportunities Emerge by Dr. Paul Carpentier

September 2014 | Nutrition and Fertility by Heather Leeson

July 2014 | Sharing the FACTS by Dr. Marguerite Duane

June 2014 | Harms of Contraception by Dr. Lynn Keenan

May 2014 | Marquette Research Updates by Dr. Richard Fehring

January 2014 | Sleep and Fertility by Dr. Lynn Keenan

September 2013 | Progesterone, Preterm Birth Prevention, Paradoxes, Possibilities

March 2013 | Wilson’s Syndrome

December 2012 | The Fertility Assessment and Research Clinic

November 2011 | Use of Progesterone During Pregnancy by Dr. Joseph Stanford

December 2010 | Early Unrecognized Pregnancy – Loss and Spontaneous Abortion by Dr. Joseph Stanford


Journal Club

November 2017 | Non-Apnoea Sleep Disorders Increase Infertility

October 2017 | Update on Marquette Method Research

September 2017 | Stress and Infertility: Does Psychological Therapy Help?

August 2017 | Luteal Start Vaginal Micronized Progesterone Improves Pregnancy Success in Women with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

June 2017 | The Oxford Conception Study by Dr. Cecilia Pyper

May 2017 | Role of Tubal Surgery in the Era of Assisted Reproductive Technology

April 2017 | Peri-Conceptional Progesterone Treatment in Women with Unexplained Recurrent Miscarriage

March 2017 | Serum Progesterone Levels in Pregnant Women with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

February 2017 | Early Supplementation of Progestogens to Prevent Miscarriage

November 2016 | Hormonal Contraception and Depression

October 2016 | What Effect Does Alcohol Have on Fecundity?

September 2016 | L-Carnitine for PCOS Women

May 2016 | Motile Sperm Count

April 2016 | Progesterone and Pregnancy Duration

March 2016 | Endometriosis: A High Risk Population for Major Chronic Diseases?

January 2016 | Progesterone in Women with Recurrent Miscarriages

October 2015 | Letrozole, gonadotropin or clomiphene for unexplained infertility

February 2015 | Effect of caloric intake on insulin resistance in PCO (Jakubowicz D, Barnea M, Wainstein J, Froy O.)

November 2014 | Premenstrual Spotting and Endometriosis (Heitmann, 2014)

August 2014 | Clomid vs Letrozole for PCO (Legro, 2014)

June 2014 | Peri-Implantation intercourse lowers fecundity (Steiner, 2014)

March 2013 | Types of ovarian activity in women and their significance: the continuum(a reinterpretation of early findings) (Brown, 2011)

February 2013 | Use of laparoscopy in unexplained infertility (Bonneau, 2012)

November 2012 | Cumulative Birth Rates with Linked ART Cycles (Luke et al, 2012)


NFP Teacher Series

September 2017 | Male Factor Infertility by Maria Bizecki

May 2016 | FEMM: A New Approach to Women’s Health

January 2016 | Effect of Light on Fertility by Joy DeFelice



January 2014 | Research Updates by Dr. Luke McLindon

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