Family Planning

Family planning is the ability to avoid or plan a pregnancy. Most non-RRM approaches allow you to only try and avoid pregnancy using artificial hormones or chemicals or by altering the physical function of the reproductive organs. Many of these methods dramatically alter the natural functioning of the body. This is not without consequences, some of which are outlined in the video below.

Methods that use knowledge and biology to empower men and women to make informed decisions about whether or not to try and conceive are collectively known as Fertility Awareness Based Methods or FABMethods. Research has indicated that these can be used with success equal to artificial methods. Click here for more research on FABM effectiveness.

There are numerous FABMethods available.  The International Institute for RRM does not endorse one over another, but encourages dialogue and research on what methods are best for individual patients at a particular time in their life. Included below are links to some of the most common FABMethods:

There are also methods designed for use in resource limited situations:

  • Standard Two Day Method   Coming Soon!
  • Cycle Beads  Coming Soon!
  • Advancing Excellence in Restorative Reproductive Medicine.

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