The International NaProTechnology Evaluation and

Surveillance of Treatment


NaProTechnology (NPT) is a treatment option for infertility or miscarriage that identifies issues in a couple’s fertility and fixes them to the extent possible by medical intervention. An important part of NPT is teaching couples to monitor the signs and symptoms of the woman’s fertility cycle with the Creighton Model FertilityCare System (CrMS).

The purpose of the study is to look at outcomes among couples who consider or get NPT treatment to help them conceive or maintain a pregnancy. This multi-national study will enroll up to 1000 participants (500 couples) each year for up to 20 years. Results from all the centers will be combined and used to answer questions such as:

  • How many couples using NPT get pregnant and have a baby?
  • How can NPT treatment be improved?
  • Does NPT treatment have fewer long-term health risks for the resulting children than other fertility treatments?


FAQs for Patients

FAQs for Physicians

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iNEST is coordinated in conjunction with our partners at the Office of Cooperative Reproductive Health, University of Utah, USA

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